Zencurity ApS is a small security company from Denmark started by Henrik Kramshøj, kramse. We are also a LIR and we love the internet!


  • We provide DDoS testing get the PDF directly
  • Pentest services
  • Network security consulting, Suricata IDS, Bro, network design, routers, loadbalancing, …

Services provided by Zencurity

Below we have listed some of the typical projects where Zencurity can help customers build a more secure infrastructure.

Special requests are also possible, so please ask.

Implementation services

We can help select and implement a variety of devices, such as:

  • firewalls, switches, routers - securely with a best practice configuration
  • Intrusion Detection Systems based on Suricata, Bro IDS and other similar open source tools
  • Monitoring solutions using available open source software
  • Installing centralized logging services and configuring alerts
  • Audit and review services

We can audit servers and infrastructure device configurations from most vendors.

Training and education

Using presentation material written by Zencurity or provided by others.

Examples can be found at Github kramse


We are a registered company in Denmark CVR: 3294 1184

and RIPE LIR member dk.zencurity

Note about Zencurity ltd

I had a company registered in the UK Zencurity Ltd. This company is no more, but was owned by me.